Enrich (Aloe + Pomegranate + Cranberry)

Some believe it to be the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden. It’s still seen as a symbol of abundance, fertility, and fortune in many parts of the world. Native to the Middle East and cultivated in the Mediterranean and the Americas, the pomegranate has long been cherished for its distinct flavor and health benefits. Paired with the tart cranberry and real aloe vera juice, the pomegranate stars our mystically refreshing Alo Enrich.

Aloe vera : Ancient healer filled with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.
Pomegranate : The forbidden fruit, has plenty of antioxidants plus contains folic acid and vitamins A, C and E.
Cranberries : This buoyant berry is teeming with antioxidants, prevents tartar buildup, increases good cholesterol and lowers the bad.
Available in: 1.5Liters and 500ml

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