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smx gspdi booth 2019

GSPDI at World Food Expo 2019

This marks as another successful exhibit for the GSPDI! WOFEX has always been a great opportunity for both visitors and exhibitors to help businesses to grow and expand their market reach and for visitors to taste and try something new.

At this event, we were able to bring back the brands and products which people are looking for. But also introduce new brand of products for visitors to TRY! We got snacks for you, your family and your friends to enjoy such as chips, biscuits, chocolates, popcorns, sparkling drinks and more for your baking and household needs.

Were you able to stop by at our booth?

For inquiries contact us and let us know what you need and are looking for.

  • Wofex Gspdi Products

  • Wofex Gspdi Arm And Hammer Baking Soda

  • Wofex Gspdi Jollytime Popcorn

  • Wofex Gspdi Sue Bee Honey

  • Wofex Products Alo Vera Juice

  • Wofex Gspdi Bel Normande Sparkling Juice

  • Wofex Gspdi Honeyb Sparkling Drink

  • Wofex Gspdi Faultless Iron Starch

  • Wofex Gspdi Alfredo Sugar Free Chocolates

  • Wofex Gspdi Alfredo Sugar Free Chocolates 1

  • Wofex Gspdi Iko

  • Wofex Products Sunsoya

  • Wofex Gspdi Sinalco Cola

cropped-entete-belnormande-v4png (1)

[NEW] Sparkling Drink From France

We are very excited to introduce to you a new brand of sparkling drink “Bel Normande”. A non-alcoholic drink from France made with natural pure juice recipes with high-quality natural products with no added, colorings or preservatives.

Perfect gift and drink for any occasion!

Contact us at info@gspdi.com.ph for inquiries

Wofex gspdi

GSPDI invites you to WOFEX 2019

Once again Global Strategic Partners Distribution Inc. (GSPDI) will be participating the WOFEX Evolution 2019 at SMX Convention Center Manila from August 7-10, 2019.

What to expect? We have prepared seen and never before seen food snacks and drinks that are popular in other countries from US, Malaysia and France and other parts of the country that will soon be discovered by your taste buds!

So visit us at our booth #1126 at SMX Convention. Hope to see you there!

wofex world food expo
honeyb sparkling drink

Honey What’s New?

HoneyB Sparkling Honey Drink coming to serve your taste buds here in the Philippines. This is not your average honey drink but honey with a kick of carbonated water to spice up your typical daily drinks.

This is the first ever honey drink that is 100% Natural Australian Honey with No Added Sugar, No Added Flavouring, No Added Colouring and it is Halal Certified.

australian honey Why HoneyB?

The HoneyB Sparkling Drink preserves the natural flavor and taste of honey while stimulates your taste buds for full indulgence and lets you taste real honey. This can of honey doesn’t stop there, you also get to experiment and you call the shots in mixing drinks to take it to the next level!

To kick it off, why not try this refreshing recipe:
honey strawberry recipe
Try out more HoneyB Sparkling Drink here

HoneyB Sparkling Honey Drink is now available in selected stores. Contact us for inquiries.

SMX  Convention


World Food Expo (Wofex) happens every year where it gives every small/start-up, medium or large businesses opportunities to introduce new and existing products to potential customers visiting this event.
Global Strategic Partners Distribution Inc. aka GSPDI, once again participated in this event bringing you various ranges of products. From popcorns, honey, beverages, chips, chocolates, baking ingredients and more!
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Global Strategic Partners Distribution, Inc. (GSPDI)

To be known as the reputable company that build stature and market share for imported high quality branded products in the Philippines through efficient distribution and prominent marketing-merchandising while maintaining integrity, honesty and respect between customers, suppliers and employees.

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